Homunculus Rex is

Ryan Morgan, Bass
Josh Sonstroem, Electronics

We play live electronic music

Homunculus Rex started as a four member, post-indie glitch-acoustic rock band in 2009. Whittled down to our current duo mid-2011. We make music featuring exploratory bass over crunk IDM soundscapes. Been making underground, experimental beat-music since day one. Check our shows page for info about upcoming events in the SF Bay area! We might be strange, but you'll love us...

Talented Guests

We collaborate with the finest instrumentalists in the region: Lucas Ehster on synths, Phil Sherwood on Guitar, Kevin Northcut on Drums, just to name a few...

Experimental Instruments

From Max/MSP to Eastern instruments, from modular synths to ciat-lombarde, krakleboxes, paper circuits, DIY hardware, handmade instruments and beyond...

Genre-bending Sounds

We take our exploration at the limits of sound seriously. Tasty hip-hop beats, bizarre indian funk, deep subbass, 3/4 and 7/8 time, strange keys, dissonace and more...

What we do

Studio Albums

Live Shows

Sound Design

Experimental Electronics

Hear our music

Buy our two albums on bandcamp or listen to them free on soundcloud